Table 3. Propensity Score Analysis: Association Between HIV Status and Cardiovascular Therapy in HIV‐Infected and HIV‐Uninfected Patients With Cardiovascular Risk Factors Seeing Physicians in US Ambulatory Care Visits, 2006 to 2013
CharacteristicsAspirin/AntiplateletStatinAntihypertensiveDiet/Exercise CounselingSmoking Cessation Advice or Medicationsa
Adj. OR (95% CI)P ValueAdj. OR (95% CI)P ValueAdj. OR (95% CI)P ValueAdj. OR (95% CI)P ValueAdj. OR (95% CI)P Value
HIV0.53 (0.30–0.94)0.030.51 (0.32–0.82)<0.010.88 (0.48–1.58)0.660.78 (0.51–1.21)0.271.51 (0.90–2.53)0.12
Female0.81 (0.53–1.23)0.330.80 (0.56–1.14)0.220.57 (0.31–1.03)0.061.31 (0.93–1.84)0.121.21 (0.85–1.71)0.30
Black1.09 (0.67–1.77)0.731.29 (0.72–2.30)0.391.86 (0.97–3.56)0.061.22 (0.84–1.75)0.300.83 (0.59–1.15)0.26
Hispanic1.30 (0.63–2.71)0.480.73 (0.41–1.31)0.291.92 (1.04–3.57)0.041.36 (0.91–2.03)0.141.23 (0.76–1.98)0.40
Medicaid0.70 (0.36–1.36)0.291.00 (0.52–1.92)1.000.69 (0.37–1.28)0.241.08 (0.66–1.76)0.770.98 (0.62–1.53)0.91
Uninsured0.75 (0.43–1.31)0.310.81 (0.48–1.38)0.441.03 (0.49–2.14)0.941.31 (0.86–1.98)0.211.28 (0.76–2.16)0.35
  • All analyses account for the complex sampling design of the NAMCS and NHAMCS. Reference groups are male sex, white race/ethnicity, and private insurance. Other independent variables included in logistic regression models (fully reported in the supplemental material) are age, urban/rural setting, obesity/overweight, smoker, dyslipidemia, diabetes mellitus, hypertension, CVD, and a year‐based time trend. Ambulatory visits for each cardiovascular therapy were limited to patients for whom treatment was indicated, based on demographic and clinical characteristics described in Table 1. For example, aspirin/antiplatelet use was examined in patients at increased CVD risk (men aged 45–79 y, women aged 55–79 y, or any patient with prior CVD) without a history of bleeding. CI indicates confidence interval; CVD, cardiovascular disease; OR, odds ratio.

  • a Medications for smoking cessation include nicotine replacement therapy, varenicline, and bupropion.