Table 5. Linear Regression Model Presenting the Association of Combinations of AFB and Parity Categories With FRSs
VariableB95% CI
Parity and age
Nulliparous (N=100)Ref
Parity 1–3, AFB <20 y (N=46)5.741.669.82
Parity ≥4, AFB <20 y (N=142)6.823.719.93
Parity 1–3, AFB ≥20 y (N=455)2.620.085.15
Parity ≥4, AFB ≥20 y (N=160)2.78−0.225.77
Age (centered), y0.880.601.15
Research site
Kingston (Ontario, Canada) (ref)Ref
Saint‐Hyacinthe (Quebec, Canada)1.46−0.973.89
Tirana (Albania)13.8711.4316.32
Manizales (Colombia)3.030.505.57
Natal (Brazil)8.936.2711.59
Childhood economic adversity (no=ref)−0.07−1.691.56
Childhood social adversity (no=ref)0.25−1.562.06
  • N=903. AFB indicates age at first childbirth; CI, confidence interval; FRS, Framingham Risk Score; and Ref, reference.