Table 2. Acute Changes in Hemodynamics and Oxidative Stress Markers
VariableEC With NicotineEC W/O NicotineSham‐ControlOverall P Value
∆ SBP, mm Hg1.2±2.0−0.8±1.9−1.7±2.00.59
∆ DBP, mm Hg1.3±1.1−1.0±1.1−1.1±1.10.23
∆ MAP, mm Hg1.3±1.2−1.0±1.2−0.8±1.20.37
∆ PON‐1, nmol p‐nitrophenol/min per mL−19.4±9.7−9.5±9.6−18.8±9.80.72
∆ LDL‐Ox (units)a108.4±209.3221.9±209.37.9±222.90.78
∆ HOI (units)a0.03±0.030.03±0.03−0.02 ±0.030.30
∆ Fibrinogen, mg/dL−11.8±6.0−13.7±5.7−16.7±6.00.84
  • Values are means±SEM. bpm indicates beats per minute; DBP, diastolic blood pressure; EC, e‐cigarette; HR, heart rate; HOI, high‐density lipoprotein anti‐oxidant index; LDL‐Ox, low‐density lipoprotein oxidizability; MAP, mean arterial pressure; PON‐1, paraoxonase‐1 activity; SBP, systolic blood pressure.

  • a Includes only subjects who used the cigalike device (n=14).