Table 3. Acrolein Concentrations Emitted in e‐Cigarette Vapors
ReferencePuff VolumeAcrolein Concentration/15 puffsaAcrolein Concentration/d (120 puffs)Acrolein Concentration ppmbAcrolein Concentration ppm/d (120 puffs)
Goniewicz et al6470 mL0.07 to 4.19 μg0.564 to 33.516 μg6.6×10−5 to 0.00390.00792 to 0.468
Uchiyama et al14755 mL3.15 to 24 μg25.2 to 192 μg0.0038 to 0.0290.456 to 3.48
Gillman et al14855 mL0.3 to 82.5 μg2.4 to 660 μg0.00036 to 0.10.0432 to 12
Flora et al14955 mL61.5 μg492 μg0.07458.94
  • a 15 puffs=1 conventional cigarette.

  • b ppm=μg/mL, to convert μg/puff to ppm, we divided the concentration (μg) by the volume of each puff (mL).

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