Table 2. Associations Between LV Function and Brain Volumes and Cognitive Function
Sa, cm/sLADI, cm/mNT‐proBNP, pg/mL
Model 1Model 2Model 1Model 2Model 1Model 2
β±SEP Valueβ±SEP Valueβ±SEP Valueβ±SEP Valueβ±SEP Valueβ±SEP Value
TBV, cm314.9±3.2<0.000114.9±3.3<0.0001−3.25±140.8−0.51±150.971.18±±5.60.8
Hippocampal volume, cm30.05±±0.020.07−0.04±±0.10.7−0.10±0.030.004−0.07±0.040.06
CSID (z score)0.003±±0.010.6−0.023±0.070.7−0.01±0.070.9−0.007±0.020.8−0.004±0.020.9
Verbal memory (z score)0.023±±0.010.1−0.09±0.070.2−0.03±0.070.7−0.045±0.030.07−0.020±0.030.4
Visual memory (z score)−0.0052±0.020.8−0.0047±±±0.100.2−0.076±0.030.02−0.083±0.040.02
Working memory (z score)−0.003±±.020.96−0.21±0.070.004−0.19±0.080.01−0.033±0.030.2−0.026±0.030.4
Fluency (z score)0.031±±0.020.07−0.18±0.080.02−0.14±0.080.08−0.043±0.030.1−0.036±0.030.2
Processing speed (z score)0.003±±±±±0.020.0060.049±0.020.04
  • Data are expressed as β±standard error (SE) (cm3) for brain volumes and β±SE (z scores) for cognitive domains. Model 1 was adjusted for age, sex, and ethnicity. Model 2 was additionally adjusted for diabetes mellitus, hypertension, previous stroke, coronary artery disease, waist to hip ratio, years of education, and smoking. CSID indicates Community Screening Instrument for Dementia; LADI, left atrial diameter indexed to height; LV, left ventricular; NT‐proBNP, N‐terminal pro–brain natriuretic peptide; Sa, tissue Doppler peak velocity in early systole; TBV, total brain volume.