Table 3. Characteristics and Laboratory Data of ApoE−/− Mice (Experiment 3)
ParameterApoE−/− Mice (BALB/c)
13W Control17W Control 0 μg/kg per hour17W P234 50 μg/kg per hour
Body weight, g26.7±1.227.1±0.528.2±0.4
Food intake, g/dayNE4.3±0.14.5±0.2
Systolic BP, mm Hg93.4±1.096.1±0.797.0±0.7
Diastolic BP, mm Hg72.6±1.075.8±1.175.2±0.8
Total cholesterol, mg/dL575.0±82.42660.2±89.8a2534.1±167.5a
Glucose, mg/dL199.3±35.4241.7±26.4289.0±42.4
  • Mean±SEM. ApoE−/− indicates apolipoprotein E deficient; BP, blood pressure; NE, not examined.

  • a P<0.0001 vs 13W control.