Table 3. Cox Regression Analysis of the Risk of Major Amputation
Variables at BaselineHazard Ratio95% CIP Value
Univariate analysis
Treatment with DES0.530.25–1.120.10
Multivariate analysis
Treatment with DES0.610.27–1.360.22
Diabetes mellitus3.431.15–10.240.027
Impaired renal functiona1.800.68–4.740.24
Coronary disease1.320.57–3.050.52
Current smoker1.860.70–4.940.21
Former smoker1.200.39–3.710.75
Rutherford category2.121.06–4.240.035
Low ABI (<0.7)1.300.53–3.190.57
High ABI (>1.4/unmeasurable)2.040.67–6.230.21
Number of included lesions0.750.43–1.300.31
  • ABI indicates ankle‐brachial index; DES, drug‐eluting stent.

  • a Impaired renal function defined as estimated glomerular filtration rate <30 mL/min/1.73 m2.