Table 8. Patency Per Lesion at 3‐Year Follow‐up (Duplex)
Modified Intention‐to‐Treat AnalysisPTA‐BMSDESP Valueb
Lesions with preserved patency8 (20.5)20 (37.7)0.036
Ordinal score0.18
≤50% stenotic8 (20.5)20 (37.7)
>50% stenotic2 (5.1)2 (3.8)
Occluded1 (2.6)2 (3.8)
Amputation/CLI‐related death/treatment in interim28 (71.8)29 (54.7)
  • Values are n (%). BMS indicates bare metal stent; CLI, critical limb ischemia; DES, drug‐eluting stent; PTA, percutaneous transluminal angioplasty.

  • a Number of limbs/lesions with available diagnostic imaging and those with treatment failure. Imaging unavailable for 19 limbs in the PTA‐BMS group and 22 limbs in the DES group. Limbs/lesions in patients deceased due to unrelated causes were censored (22 limbs in PTA‐BMS, 19 limbs in DES).

  • b P value weighted by number of lesions per patient.