Table 3. Characteristics of RCTs
Study, YearLocationStudy DesignFollow‐Up PeriodAge (Mean), yOutcomeOutcome AssessmentType of StatinsCases/Statins GroupCases/Control Group
Laties, 199123USRCT48 weeks18 to 70 (<60)Cataract surgerySlit‐lamp examinationLovastatin25/65827/1663
Harris, 199524EURCT18 months40 to 75 (>60)Cataract and Cataract surgeryOXGRAESimvastatin30/41410/207
Pederson, 199625EURCT5.4 years35 to 70 (>60)CataractSlit‐lamp examinationSimvastatin66/222153/2223
Heart protection study, 200226USRCT5 years40 to 80 (NA)aCataractMedical recordsSimvastatin393/10 232404/10 237
Bang, 201527USRCT4.3 years45 to 85 (>60)CataractMedical recordsSimvastatin plus EzetimibeNA/944bNA/929b
  • RCTs indicates randomized controlled trials; NA indicates not available; OXGRADE, Oxford grading system.

  • a The authors did not show the mean age of subjects.

  • b The authors showed the relative risk value instead of number of cases.