Table 1. National Crude Outcome Rates Split by Age, Major Comorbidity, and TAD Subtype (HES Cohort)
Patient FactoraReceiving Operation (%)Nonemergent Operation (%)Postoperative Mortality (%)Mortality in Patients With No Operation (%)
Age <75, y31.654.414.018.4
Age 75+, y11.652.624.340.7
TAD: dissection19.410.921.539.9
TAD: aneurysm15.869.312.526.4
No major comorbidity27.650.112.227.6
1+ major comorbidities18.858.221.031.7
All patients combined22.253.716.730.5
  • HES indicates Hospital Episodes Statistics; TAD, thoracic aortic disease.

  • a Patients with neither dissection nor aneurysm recorded have been omitted from the rows for TAD subtype. Major comorbidities covered ischemic heart disease, cerebrovascular disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, renal disease, and cancer. Mortality is defined as death in or out of hospital within 6 months of diagnosis or operation.