Table 2. Characteristics of REGARDS Participants ≥65 Years of Age Included in the Current Analysis by Number of Ideal Life's Simple 7 Factors
Characteristics of Participants With Dietary DataNumber of Ideal Life's Simple 7 FactorsaP Trendb
0 to 1 N=1079 (17.2%)2 N=1947 (31.1%)3 N=1814 (29.0%)4 N=1024 (16.4%)5 to 7 N=398 (6.4%)
Age, y (SE)71.8 (0.17)72.0 (0.13)72.6 (0.14)73.0 (0.20)72.6 (0.30)<0.001
Black race44.9%36.2%29.2%20.9%12.8%<0.001
Annual income <$20 00031.7%22.6%20.8%18.0%14.0%<0.001
Less than a high school education21.2%15.2%10.6%8.9%5.3%<0.001
  • Values are expressed as percentage or mean (SE). The absolute number of participants in each category of Life's Simple 7 factors was calculated as the average across multiple imputations and rounded to the closest integer number. REGARDS indicates REasons for Geographic And Racial Differences in Stroke; SE, standard error.

  • a Life's Simple 7 factors include cigarette smoking, physical activity, diet, body mass index, blood pressure, cholesterol, and glucose, and ideal levels are defined in Table 1.

  • b P‐trends on baseline characteristics across the number of ideal Life's Simple 7 factors were calculated using logistic regression for binary variables and linear regression for continuous variables.